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WingMan™  $300 Cash Back
An Easy-To-Use Commercial Grade Plow For PIY Property Managers
The WingMan is a commercial-grade plow perfect for business owners looking to self-manage snow removal in parking lots, roads and alleyways.  Featuring a 2” receiver Quick Link™ mounting system, it attaches/detaches in minutes.  It fits most ½-ton and light pickup trucks. Click here to learn more about the WingMan.

Drive Pro™   $300 Cash Back
Takes Charge When Larger Trucks Can't
The Meyer Drive Pro, featuring industry-leading ground clearance, is an easy-to-use fully functional steel snow plow operated from the comfort of your everyday vehicle. Drive Pro mounts are available for today's most popular light-duty pickup trucks, half-ton pickups, Jeeps and other full-size SUVs. The Drive Pro is great for the jobs that larger trucks can’t get to, so take charge in tight situations like narrow driveways. Click here to learn more about the Drive Pro.

Lot Pro™ & Lot Pro LD™   $400 Cash Back
The Best Performance in Snow Biz
For those who want to make a finished lot look like it does in July, the Lot Pro™ is a professional-grade plow for contractors who need to plow large parking lots and streets. The Lot Pro features industry-leading ground clearance and fits on 3/4-ton pickup trucks and larger. Click here to learn more about the Lot Pro.

Diamond Edge™   $400 Cash Back
Diamonds Are No Longer Just a Girl's Best Friend
Built for contractors who don’t have a minute to waste, the Meyer Diamond Edge plow boasts industry-leading ground clearance and features the tallest and most aggressive bottom-trip, contractor-class moldboard on the market. At 32" high with a 70-degree attack angle, this plow attaches to 3/4-ton and larger trucks and produces better overall clearing performance in less time. Click here to learn more about the Diamond Edge.

Super-V/V2/V3/LD™    $500 Cash Back
Scoop, Straight or V, Have It Your Way
The Meyer Super-V, and its second-generation counterpart the Super-V2, offer aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. This contractor-grade plow has independently controlled wings that give you the flexibility to go from a V, scoop or straight-blade configuration with just the press of one button. The Super-V/V2 are the perfect fit for 3/4-ton and larger pickups. Click here to learn more about the Super-V/V2.

Road Pro-36™   $500 Cash Back
Knock Snow into the Next Zip Code
The Meyer Road Pro™ 36-Series is the biggest and toughest snow plow in the Meyer line, the perfect match for 26,000 - 33,000 GVW trucks. It leaves only the cleanest surface behind with the industry's best snow-rolling action. Road Pros are available in 9-foot, 10-foot or 11-foot full-trip lengths or a 10-foot bottom-trip. Click here to learn more about the Road Pro-36.

Road Pro-32™    $500 Cash Back
Meet The Toughest Guy In the Neighborhood
The Meyer Road Pro™ 32-Series features flared wings for better snow throwing action. It was designed specifically for municipalities and contractors using 9,300 – 26,000 GVW trucks. Available in 9-foot or 10-foot lengths, all moldboards in this series are 32-inches-high and perfect for clearing side streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs. Click here to learn more about the Road Pro-32.